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App Alert

iTunes U:
Are you constantly looking for ways to satisfy your intellectual curiosities? How about satisfying your quest of knowledge with educational materials and lectures from the finest universities and educators in the world for FREE? iTunes U is a free iPhone, iPad and iTouch compatible app which allows access to complete courses encompassing a wide range of disciplines and is claimed to be ‘the world’s largest online catalog of free education content.’

iTunes U allows educators to post courses and learners to access them accordingly. Over 800 colleges and universities from around the world provide educational content to iTunes U users, including some of the very finest such as Harvard and Stanford!

And, after all nothing could be more handy to access this superior content than a phone or a tablet. It really couldn’t have gotten any sweeter, could it?

Sing Karaoke!
Karaoke has established itself as a great means of entertainment. But until very recently, constant access to karaoke was more of a luxury to most people around the world, and this revolution must certainly be ascribed to apps.
Sing Karaoke! is an android and iOS compatible app which offers a huge catalog of karoke songs covering a range of genres. Even if you are not the best of singers, the voice enhancement technology in this app will make you feel considerably satisfied with your signing. As far as the costing goes, downloading the app is free but to make full use of this app you will have to subscribe, for very moderate prices though. Whether you plan to use this app for entertainment or to enhance your singing, take my word, you won’t regret grabbing it from the App store or Google Play.

SAT Word A Day
You do know that besides countless hours on “Candy Crush Saga”, your smartphone can also provide you opportunities for learning, right?  If you are up for learning new vocabulary, SAT Word A Day by Aurora App Design, has a good approach towards enhancing it. Learn a new word each day. Everyday, once the clock strikes 12AM, a new word along with its meaning (and use in a sentence) appears on your notification panel and stays there for the whole day. If it wasn’t for this app, I wouldn’t have known what ‘panacea’ or ‘perfidious’ meant!




Pocket is for anyone who finds an interesting article on the Internet, and just doesn’t have the time to read it at that moment, be it news, articles or videos. The app lets you ‘read it later’, as the tagline goes. When you come across something interesting, while browsing the Internet, that you’d want to read, just pocket it. Access pocket later at your spare time, even when there is no Internet connection. It’s like quickly gathering everything you’d want to read, for times when there is nothing to do but read, for instance, insanely long power cuts.  The clean interface makes reading on Pocket so much more convenient.

Hotspot Shield VPN

This app is for all ‘delinquents’, juveniles and adults alike, who just can’t tolerate the fact that their principal or their boss has denied them access to facebook at school, or at work. Hotspot Shield VPN grants you the ability to access “private, secure, uncensored” Internet, whether access is restricted by the server computer or your ISP. Making use of the Virtual Private Network (VPN), it claims to protect your device’s identity on the Internet. The free version comes with pop-up ads though, but I guess, that’s only a small price to pay for the big jackpot.

Most of us, at some point, have taken help from Sparknotes to complete our assignments and I would wager almost all of us had a pleasant experience overall. To people who are not familiar with Sparknotes, it is one of the most comprehensive online guides, especially for high school students. Though it is most often used as guide to studying literate, its notes in other subject areas are also pretty good. And, for those trying to crack the SATs, they have an awesome FREE guide. Sounds good? But this has gotten even better. This amazing online website has also come in the form of a FREE app on our smartphones and is compatible on both Android and iOS.

You might be inclined to think that this might not be too useful in Nepal because you don’t always have access to Wi-Fi.  But they have gotten around this problem by allowing its users to download guides for offline use!