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I am Shristika Prasai, 8th Semester (Final Year) BBA Student at Kathmandu College of Management (KCM). I have always been an enthusiast, whether it be academics, sports or any other extra curricular activities. I have received merit awards for excellence in academics and entitled to several scholarships.‘KCM Best ECA Award’, ‘Hundred Percent Attendance Award’ and ‘Award for the most Creative Business Idea’ were some of the awards I was honored with, as a student in KCM. I had also been appointed as the Management Representative by the KCM Faculty and was honored with the ‘Best Councilman Award’ of the KCM Student Council, which works actively for the student’s welfare. 

Being a student, I believed everything that came forth was the next big opportunity for me to explore my strengths and weaknesses. I always considered education as a platform to give the best I could, and in return reap the benefits, in the form of an achievement or a lesson for lifetime. I have always been engaged in every small and big activity within and outside the college premises where I could quench my thirst for learning new things. I believe this is where I also learnt true management skills, where I could challenge myself to step up, by maintaining the correct balance and managing  time in being more dynamic, while devoting equal time to studies.

I never forget to mention the KCM Student Council which has been so instrumental in shaping me for what I am today. The students at KCM take their own initiatives, and make big accomplishments, which forms an important part of the KCM culture. We take initiatives and learn the management skills and techniques that we learn in our course by organizing events and working in teams. One of such KCM events is Nepal Management Symposium (NMS) which is a pioneer event in itself,  a national level management seminar entirely led by the students. Working as the Event Head in NMS 2012 was a big break for me. I learned the skills that are actually required in the real management world and developed a good Public Relations (PR). The potential I possessed was recognized by one of the panelists in the seminar, following which I got appointed for a national level Asian Development Bank (ADB) project.. This was one of the biggest achievements I had made so far.I have always believed that hard work pays off. But, today’s world is so competitive that hard work alone is insufficient. You need to be smart and have the right attitude, firstly to know the rules of the world, survive it, and then change it once you’ve learnt enough. When one is just starting up in any field, it is important to understand and learn from the basics.I’ve kept the grounded attitude and followed the mantra of ‘Aim high and dream big with your feet on the ground’ because that is where our roots lie.. Moreover, self-motivation has always kept me going on, without losing hope or giving up, in every small and big endeavor.

As my Bachelors level is coming to an end, it is now time to plan for the big “What Next?” I plan to go abroad for my higher studies, but more than that for a lifetime experience. I think after having spent 4 years, pursuing Bachelors in the country, you want to move out of that setting, or break the bubble to experience something new, get some exposure, and adapt to a wider horizon. But then, it’s also important to keep a strong hold for the aim you have set for yourself. Focus towards the aim gives you a vision where you want to see yourself 10 years or 20 years down the line. I have always envisioned my career in Nepal, and aim to serve in the country itself. I see myself in the field of Women entrepreneurship in Nepal, contributing to socio-economical progress.Recently, I’ve worked as a Project Assistant for the Asian Development Bank (ADB) project- Private Sector Assessment (PSA) for Nepal Country Partnership Strategy (2013-2017) and as a management intern at Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) with majors in Marketing and Public Relations (PR).

Meanwhile, working at NTB and ADB, I have known that there lies a great potential of development and innovation in Nepal that needs to be harnessed. Though, I’ve never resorted to intensive planning for future which is quite uncertain, I am confident about what I want in life, and how I could achieve them with a flexible approach. 

With the capabilities, experiences and the PR that I’ve developed, I am already receiving employment opportunities from some good companies here in Nepal. Of course, before I go for my higher studies I would like to take the opportunity of working with a firm that would add much value to my experience, prior to going ahead for the Masters degree. In addition to providing a cornerstone for my career ahead, I believe that this would put me in a strong position of decision making, so as choose the correct field that would compliment my interest and strengths to specialize for the Masters degree. This would further give a concrete shape to my vision taking into considerations various factors such as national and international opportunities in the specializing area, availability of financial resources and the degree of output I could best deliver as per my skills and capabilities in the related field. A reality check therefore becomes essential for students like us before taking up such an important decision. I have always thought of myself, as an independent person and indeed, I love my independence in taking decisions. My parents have always been supportive of what I do. This is where I get the encouragement to step ahead. Sometimes, being a woman could make the path more difficult, as it is always faced with hurdles and challenges in the context of our society. But I believe it’s important to take a stand for what you believe in, that calls for self-appreciation of your deep rooted values. It is something you can actually take pride on, and pass on to the ones who look up to you.