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MONEY & MOTIVE A choice?

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”


Every society you grow up in makes you believe that your mere existence is for a reason. There are groups within society, which emphasize on political roles (governments), some emphasize on economic excellence (business elite), some that emphasize working in a corporation to be the highest order of human excellence (working class) and such a list goes on.

In the early years, an individual who goes to school and university, tends to do a lot of these things due to the social norms which he/she is guided by which makes him/her believe that things are either possible or impossible based on his/her past and the near foreseeable future.

Getting a job right after university, at the entry level of any firm you are made to believe that you know nothing and there is a lot to learn in the years to come only after which you will be able to get a better ‘position’ and a better ‘salary’. Surprise! Surprise! What they don’t tell you is that in the best of times nothing is for sure and working harder than the person next to you might not be the best strategy. Even if you work 60 hours a week but don’t grease the right gears, your success and job might not be guaranteed.

I do not deny the fact that to survive in this rat race we need to be productive else we seize to exist in due course of time, but remember, jobs will always exist and so will talent. Jobs are created and destroyed based on geopolitical issues in every region on our planet and if there are reasons that you believe, which are in line with your values you will find a job that is more to you than its economic benefits.

Your mere existence is based on the culture you live in, the people you spend time with. For instance, if you were very successful in university and got a job that paid you a ‘lot’ of money, would you be happy to continue if you didn’t believe in their ‘causes’? All the benefits that you get out of any situation tend to subdue except for the cause that you have performed a certain task. The economic benefits will subdue, so will the lifestyle perks but what won’t go away is the cause for doing what you are doing. The mere salary increases, top management positions will cease to excite after a while, when one realizes that there are a lot of people making the same salary and there are a lot of people making it into the top management. “In economic life, happiness is relative not absolute” – Ruchir Sharma

If one believes he/she is really bright explore yourself and the causes you believe in, causes you want to support that challenge your mere existence because after a while it’s all relative and you will profit more than a salary. If enough people are made to believe that working in a corporation is of the highest order we will have a lot of corporations.