Life has become a rat race, and we have all been running this endless race, without so much as pausing to look back and reflect. We have been following the norm, going with the flow, doing what we are supposed to, and what is expected out of us. Have we ever questioned why things are being done in a certain way?

It is important to study history, in order to plan the future. As we scroll through the history books, the wise and learned have always been people who were well travelled and spoken. Education was a luxury afforded only by the royals, but with the industrial revolution, things changed. Modern education is a result of the needs of the industrial revolution. Now, we are in a different era altogether. Some of us have stepped out of the rat race to question the norm. The world is changing around us, and scientific breakthroughs have revolutionized life. On one end we have featured how the field of Biotech is changing the whole concept of life itself, and on the other end we want to question the whole concept of formal education, and why it is, the way it is. The question is, do we want to continue running this rat race and be one of the products of this educational machinery, or bring about real change by understanding the real cause of education.