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December 2013

  • Why education is what it is!

    Why education is what it is!

    Jan.06.2014 / Features Abhushan Gautam

    The education arena is a broad one. It encompasses philosophical, sociological, administrative, curricular and other issues. Each of these may have a historical dimension or perspective. In order to understand the contemporary issues related to education, one must delve further into the past. Because it’s the past events that have...

  • Swiss Education Group:Excellence at Present, Success for Future

    Swiss Education Group:Excellence at Present, Success for Future

    Dec.25.2013 / Study Abroad Tshering Ghale

    There’s an art to hospitality that goes beyond a receptionists’ duly preferred Colgate smile and the first meeting’s impression of welcome. Such has been put to education by the Swiss historically in their schools for Hospitality and Hotel Management and nobody knows this better than the Swiss Education Group (SEG),...

  • Leading You Forward

    Leading You Forward

    Dec.22.2013 / Features Pooja Pradhan

    The story around Rato Bangala was that, even if you don’t do any other teachers’ homework, Miss Perry’s homework had to be done. Not because everyone was terrified of her, but because she worked so hard planning the classes it seemed wrong to not work as hard yourself. It...

  • App Alert

    App Alert

    Dec.20.2013 / Features Siddhartha Pant & Supral raj joshi

    iTunes U: Are you constantly looking for ways to satisfy your intellectual curiosities? How about satisfying your quest of knowledge with educational materials and lectures from the finest universities and educators in the world for FREE? iTunes U is a free iPhone, iPad and iTouch compatible app which allows access...

  • Chasing a Dream

    Chasing a Dream

    Dec.18.2013 / Study Abroad Shree Raj Shrestha

    What you need to know before, during and after your application to the United States What does it take to obtain full scholarship in the United States?” Many of you might be pondering over this question. I too had the same curiosity about two years back. Frankly, there is...

  • Biotechnology for development:Strong possibilities for Nepal

    Biotechnology for development:Strong possibilities for Nepal

    Dec.17.2013 / Scope & Spectrum Dr Sameer M dixit

    Nepal is not new to Biotechnology. In terms of academia, biotechnology entered Nepal as an undergraduate course at Kathmandu University in 2004.  In almost a decade, there are now multiple academic institutions in Nepal teaching Biotechnology as either undergraduate or post graduate degrees. In terms of application of biotechnology...

  • Liberal Arts Education in the United States

    Liberal Arts Education in the United States

    Dec.13.2013 / Study Abroad Sulav Bhatta ( Student Adviser/Information Officer, USEF-Nepal )

    Taking classes across disciplines is the hallmark of a liberal arts education whose goals are to promote a wide spectrum of knowledge in addition to majoring in a subject. If you are someone who is interested in studying in the U.S., you might have heard these phrases: “U.S. education...

  • Biotech For a Better Life

    Biotech For a Better Life

    Dec.13.2013 / Scope & Spectrum Bigyan Rimal

    Bill Gates’s said, while he was addressing the graduates of Harvard University (world’s no. 1 ranked university) back in 2007- “Yes, inequity has been with us forever. But the new tools we have to cut through complexity have not been with us forever. They are new — they can help...