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  • Biotechnology for development:Strong possibilities for Nepal

    Dec.17.2013 / Dr Sameer M dixit

    Nepal is not new to Biotechnology. In terms of academia, biotechnology entered Nepal as an undergraduate course at Kathmandu University in 2004.  In almost a decade, there are now multiple academic institutions in Nepal teaching Biotechnology as either undergraduate or post graduate degrees. In terms of application of biotechnology...

  • Biotech For a Better Life

    Dec.13.2013 / Bigyan Rimal

    Bill Gates’s said, while he was addressing the graduates of Harvard University (world’s no. 1 ranked university) back in 2007- “Yes, inequity has been with us forever. But the new tools we have to cut through complexity have not been with us forever. They are new — they can help...

  • Being hospitable

    Oct.27.2013 / Gita Limbu

    We all have standards. It comes in your expectations, of receiving purified water when dining in a restaurant or being paid that extra attention during your hotel stays. How many times have you been disappointed with lackluster service? It’s recognizing that we need standards that has given birth to a...

  • Designing your future

    Oct.27.2013 / Sikuma Rai & Anubhuti Poudyal

    We have options and we have opportunities. Today’s world is a competitive market of many clueless youngsters. Some people however are lucky enough to find their passion and hence starts the story of a genius. There was a time when the world thought prodigies were rare, but times have changed....