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  • Adapting to the Digital Age

    Oct.27.2013 / Abhishek Mishra

    I could start with telling you how digitalization has changed the landscape of media, information and society but rather, an example will do this right.  One of the most popular global magazines, American’s stalwart Newsweek, released its last print issue in December 2012. A magazine more than 80 years old,...

  • Is it time to follow a Global Curriculum?

    Sep.15.2013 / SUNITA GURUNG

    “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all” -Aristotle In this globalized world, educating a child is not just limited to the basics of education wherein he is tested on the basis of intellectual development conformed to a uniformity. The need of the present generation is more...

  • Taking a Gap Year:A Dire or Desirable Decision?

    Oct.27.2013 / Kimiko Utsunomiya

    Most students go directly to college or university after secondary or high school. I mean, isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? No, not necessarily... It is a growing trend where students are choosing to take a “gap year,” i.e. a year between their studies. There are different reasons...