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Is it time to follow a Global Curriculum?

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all” -Aristotle

In this globalized world, educating a child is not just limited to the basics of education wherein he is tested on the basis of intellectual development conformed to a uniformity. The need of the present generation is more than that, it demands a comprehensive package where a child is not bound by the parameters of a handful of books pertaining to his native country but is given the freedom to go beyond all geographical borders enabling him to become a responsible global citizen. Packed classrooms, overworked teachers, prosaic method of teaching, sitting behind desks, sitting still for extended periods of time, short breaks, complete lack of children motivation and vast amount of information to be memorized; the list can go on and all of it point to one single fact that the education system of today is certainly suffering and needs amendments to meet the requirements of the learners. Truly the essence of education is to teach the students to cope with life and  to deal with situations in order to succeed in life but in today’s reality memorizing information and getting loaded with homework compounded with the fear of failing, saps the young mind of all the vitality that it has. It has become imperative to put in a combined effort to provide the young generation with the education that follows a global curriculum so that it allows them to be prepared for the world that they will inherit from us one day.